with Camilo Sandoval
2018 - Installation
DLP Projector, Motor, Mirror

RGBW (Excerpt) at INTERFERENCE / Tunis

RGBW at INTERFERENCE, Tunis / Photo by Jennifer Braun

RGBW at TADAEX, Tehran / Photo by TADAEX

RGBW at Stuttgarter Filmwinter / Photo by Florian Liesenfeld

RGBW at COLLUMINA, Cologne / Photo by Frankie Macaulay

Within a fraction of seconds the three primary color (RGB) red, green, blue and also white are projected sequentially onto a surface, to create, to the eyes of a human, a single colorful image. We want to deconstruct this "artificial" and show the original components. A projector is place in the middle of an empty room and pointing towards a spinning 45-degree-shifted mirror. The projection falls onto the surrounding walls and is the only source of light in the room. On certains RPMs that resonate with the projector's frequency the image divides from an usually perceived white onto several fracturated projections. The colors red, green, blue and white (RGBW) twine on the walls creating a seamless colorful loop. The result, in effect and also in technique, alludes to that of an old zoetrope. Visitors of the piece are invited to enter the room and spend as much time as desired in order to perceive the different effects generated by the combinations of different light intensities and variations on the speed of the rotating mirror.



TADAEX | Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition
9 November - 16 November 2018
Mohsen Gallery

6 September - 9 September 2018
Midhet Essoltan

22 March - 24 March 2018

Stuttgarter Filmwinter
8 February - 12 February 2018