2018 - Sound and Light Installation
9 x Fluorescent Tubes each 150 cm, Arduino, Relays

Acht Brücken (excerpt) @ WDR Funkhaus 2018

LUMINA SONIC is a self built installation used as an audiovisual instrument with ordinary everyday fluorescent tubes, which are organized all over the stage, creating a highly concentrated audio-visual performance, with a big emphasis on a very direct light<->sound translation. What you see is what you hear, and what you hear is what you see.

All of the sounds and noises, heard in the compositions, using this installation/instrument, are naturally produced by the tubes. These sounds are amplified and played over the PA, without any additional manipulation whatsoever. It's the pure sound of the tubes. To put it in greater detail, there are nine microphones attached to the starters and the ballasts of the lamps, not the tubes themselves. The starters produce a high pitch clinking sound and the ballasts a low deep hum. The sound creation in the first place is happening through turning the lamps on and off. Since this is done via a digital interface, Arduino and relays it is possible to create an analog sound library of sorts. This library is used to compose different pieces, which are performed live on stage.

Additionally the installation is used as a visually striking companion to elevate the compositions performed by the ensemble, with an interplay of light and shadow.

Installation commissioned by Deutscher Musikrat for Electronic ID Ensemble



Acht Brücken
21 February 2018
WDR Funkhaus Wallrafplatz

Inside Exiles
21 February 2018
Bundeskunsthalle Bonn