with Camilo Sandoval
2018 - Installation
DLP Projector, Motor, Mirror

RGBW (Excerpt) at INTERFERENCE / Tunis

RGBW at INTERFERENCE, Tunis / Photo by Jennifer Braun

RGBW at TADAEX, Tehran / Photo by TADAEX

RGBW at Stuttgarter Filmwinter / Photo by Florian Liesenfeld

RGBW at COLLUMINA, Cologne / Photo by Frankie Macaulay

RGBW challenges the film's conventional notions and uses the color imaging capabilities of standard home office projectors to create an immersive room installation. Basic components of film - speed, color, light and darkness - are choreographed and stage the space. We deconstruct the process of projection itself and plead for the superiority of technical devices to the human eye. A rotating mirror in front of the lens of the projector uses the spatial light modulator, the digital light processing system (DLP), which creates the illusion of color and transforms the white projection into an oscillating 360 degree panoramic kaleidoscope.



TADAEX | Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition
9 November - 16 November 2018
Mohsen Gallery

6 September - 9 September 2018
Midhet Essoltan

22 March - 24 March 2018

Stuttgarter Filmwinter
8 February - 12 February 2018