16''58', Color, 720p, 25fps, Stereo, Austria

»Hofberg Hofgasse« is a shortdocumentary about the nightlife and the party culture in the oldtown of Linz. The story is told from different perspectives, from the waitress to the sweeper. You will experience a night in the partystreet of Linz, from the beginning of night and the arrival of the first guests, until the next morning on which the traces of night are removed. The steadily face of the oldtown is archived in the making of this documentary. »Hofberg Hofgasse« works with no off-comment and no interviews. The sequence shots speak for themselfs and are clearly resolved, so there is no necessity for further explanation. The documentary was shot on several weekends and shows a objective portayal of the nightly procedure of working and living in the oldtown.

in cooperation with Stefan Tiefengraber