2019 - Installation
8 x Flashlights, 1 x Speaker, Motor, Arduino, Relays

The Future of Light Art @ Center for International Light Art 2019

Flashlightpendulum is part 2 of a series of installations, which researches electronic flashes as an artistic medium. Multiple refurbished modified electronic flashes from disposable cameras form a dodecahedron hanging and swinging from the ceiling creating an ever changing sound light sculpture.
The installation stimulates the viewers visual senses in a radical way, resulting in a physical overwhelming experience as well as creating a captivating shadow light spectacle. A byproduct of popping and loading the flashes, are the zapping, cracking and high pitched noises coming from charging the capacitors. I harness that sound, changing the status from being a byproduct to being a main component, equal to the visual. The sounds are picked up by an electromagnetic pickup, amplified and played back into the space.
The dodecahedron pendulum body consists of 8 flashes and an inductive coil, an amp and a broadband speaker. I use the movement of pendulum and the pendulum body (flashlightsphere) to create an audio visual composition.


08 June to 31 August 2019
Centre for International Light Art